The Orchard School

Primary School


All around us is grey, and not pretty,
It happens when your school’s inner city,
But our teachers are fab,
Even if the school’s drab,
We’ve no money for colour, more’s the pity.

Our corridors could do with some paint,
To make visitors who come think we’re great,
It would also give us a hand,
To help us think we are grand;
To motivate, promote and celebrate!

The Orchard school is a small special needs school catering to pupils with a range of additional needs.  All of our pupils are unique individuals; the staff supporting them feel that no two days are the same and there is certainly nothing beige about our pupils!  However, our corridors don’t match up to the colourful nature of our pupils and it this area that our school council decided to enliven should the Orchard School be the lucky winners.

Enlivening the corridors with photos of our pupils will help the school celebrate their successes together as well as sharing with visitors to the school all the good work that they do.  Many of our learners are visually impaired and having more colour or tactile objects of reference around the school corridors would help them navigate their way around, increasing their independence. 

Pupils in our school are visual learners. Having a more colourful, stimulating environment would aid their communication skills.  By introducing more colour into the school, staff would expect to see both pupils’ learning and behaviour improve as pupil’s imaginations would be captured as soon as they entered the building.

Our pupils have completed some work to explain what the project would mean to them (attached).  They have used a range of communication tools, including braille, writing, symbols and objects, to complete their work, which demonstrates the diversity of our pupils perfectly.