St Monica's RC Highschool

Secondary School



We are a Catholic high school situated to the North of Manchester city centre. Unfortunately on May 22nd, our school community was shaken by the terror attack that took place in Manchester. Several of our students attended the Arianna Grande concert in Manchester and witnessed the tragic episode first hand, another pupil lost family members in the terror attack, others had family members who worked at the venue and helped the victims however they could.

As a school community this week we are holding a cross-curricular week in school in which we will try to look positively at the episode that took place and pupils will carry out work on the theme of ‘Words to change the world’. We will be looking at how words can change and inspire us, by looking at words of hope from other faiths, other cultures inspirational leaders such as Martin Luther King and Yousafzai Malala.

We would like to combine this work with the re-decoration of our library (the LRC) and would be grateful for your support in doing so. The library is a place that is used by ALL the students in the school. It is a place to complete homework at lunchtimes or after school and it is in need of a more modern makeover. We would really like to transform the LRC into a positive learning environment by having positive words and messages of hope decorated on the walls. We hope that you will be able to help us with the re-decoration of the library; we would be delighted to have a new, brighter colour scheme with some calligraphy on the walls, some inspiring words. We would be really grateful for your support in making the library a permanent reminder of the importance of hope and optimism at all times. We hope that you would be able to inspire our pupils for years to come by decorating the library with ‘words to change the world’.