St. Mary's Catholic Primary

Primary School


Our school hall, a central hub of school life used for assemblies, physical activities, drama, break-out groups, dining, PTA events, etc., was painted ‘suicide’ yellow more than two headteachers – and at least 15 years – ago.  It is now battered and bruised, very old fashioned, uninspiring and desperately in need of an uplift. 

The entrance vestibule was not included in the last re-decoration!  It is now in very poor condition with an external appearance rather than internal as bricks are now totally exposed.

Our vision is for a contemporary multi-purpose space with light-reflecting surfaces to make the best of the limited light available, enhancing the environment for both curriculum and social activities.  Dulux Light & Space would be the perfect product, reflecting at least twice as much light as currently, and offering a wide range of colours to provide the clean modern image that we envisage.

We believe that such an environment will raise the children’s and staff’s spirits and therefore impact on their mood and expectations leading to improvements in teaching, learning and standards and, importantly, their pleasure at being in our school.

Recent re-decoration in classrooms has been recognized and valued by the children and their teachers within those classes; however, these limited funds have now been depleted and work cannot continue until further funding is sourced.

Re-decoration and refurbishment of such a central and important space as the school hall will have a positive impact for the whole school community, and may even enable further funds to be raised through enticing other organisations to hire our facilities and making PTA events more attractive.