Sir Robert Hitcham CEVAP School

Primary School


We are hoping to fulfil our dream of winning £10,000 to provide a welcoming space which will appeal to both pupils and the wider village community.

We are a medium sized Primary School situated in a rural mid-Suffolk village and our Dining Hall is in great need of a decoration and make over. The Hall is currently used on a daily basis for school lunches, breakfast club, Open the Book, music lessons and is also willingly let out to local groups including Rainbows and Guides. Therefore, the overhaul will need to appeal to a wide audience of both children and adults.

To fit in with our School motto of ‘Learning today, tomorrow, together’, the decoration will need to primarily be of interest to the pupils with areas of wall expressing the learners knowledge, experiences and understanding of the environment surrounding us including our enriched cultural diversity.

Our School Council have asked members of their classes for suggestions and a great amount of interest was shown in providing an art wall which could be changed periodically but where students can express their emotions etc. but it would be an area of the school that the pupils would ‘own’. This brightly decorated area would also incorporate some wall mirrors so pupils can always see a ‘smile’ and smart school uniform when entering and exiting the hall. We would frequently hold friendly competitions to decide what will be shown on the display wall. Photos of big school events would also be displayed.

Healthy eating is a priority of our school and would be actively encouraged on the art wall and our school motto would be proudly displayed at the top.

Written by Henry and Abigail, Year 5 School Councillors