Sion Manning Catholic Girls School

Secondary School


In the heart of London ,W10 6EL lies a school, it has been there for almost 60 years and caters for children from the diverse local community and beyond. It is an inclusive school that has a number of statemented students and those with Special Educational Needs. We wish to link our new learning environment with the natural outside space, forgotten for years. We believe the use of this space will bring not only the SEN students, but all of the students in our school, together to promote learning and well-being. Our hope is to build a working space where the use of colour is conscious and purposeful. The use of the colour blue which will make our everyday environment feel calm, relaxing and a place of safety.Studies suggest that the color blue can increase productivity and creativity, and may actually lower body temperature and pulse rate and would so provide a haven for students with challenging behaviour. Green would best reflect the natural environment that our new space is surrounded by and would bring continuity with the proposed outdoor meditation space and gardening areas. Since most of our students live in tower blocks, this area would allow them an escape from the monotony of the greys and blacks from morning till night. We envision it being a space of Peace and tranquility- for girls who are surrounded by the cacophony of the ‘concrete jungle’. Our desire is to create a comfortable environment for all students who, living in the modern world, experiencing the pressures of everyday life including the recent trauma of the Glenfell Fire, can feel safe and relaxed. Our aim is for our students to be proud of their environment which they will respect, care for and learn life skills that will remain with them forever...