Lawley Primary School

Primary School


Imagine you are an eight year old child entering Lawley Primary School for the first time. You are nervous. Very nervous.

The entrance doors slowly open, clinging to my brother’s clammy hand, I close my eyes, not wanting to see what is ahead. Peeking from behind my fingers I take a sharp intake of breath...

Swirling above me are colourful clouds of inspiration. Looking down from his shiny-silver spaceship, circling our beautiful planet, is Chris Hadfield, reminding me that my dreams are possible. On the sky painted walls, there are words of aspiration, telling me my potential is limitless.

The teacher turns to me and asks, ‘what would you like to be when you grow up?’

Feeling more confident, we continue down the corridor. Rosy-red tomatoes, the size of beach balls, are swimming overhead. Hundreds of grass-green peas are cascading through the open window. The walls are covered in the freshest, brightest colours, displaying mouth-watering fruit and vegetables.

“This is where you will line up for your lunch,” the kind teacher tells me.

Feeling excited, we continued along the corridor. Suddenly, I notice that I am walking along an azure, swirling river-like carpet, drawing me under the intricately designed Ironbridge. The walls I notice contrast. On my right side, there are emerald trees, seasonal changes in the forests, flower-filled meadows and camouflaged animals lining the river bank. Turning my head swiftly, the other wall is filled with smoky-grey scenes from the industrial revolution; reminding me that Telford is the birthplace of industry.

‘This is to remind us that our roots are important and something to be proud of’ smiled the teacher.

With a feeling of exuberance, I walked to my new classroom, excited to begin my learning journey at Lawley Primary. I am the seed, the future awaits me.