Highdown School and Sixthform

Secondary School


Highdown School has a rich history. It was established as a comprehensive school in 1971 and we have approximately 1300 students aged 11 to 18. The school includes three grade II listed buildings within its grounds and the pupils are very proud of the schools past.

The room that we would like to enter in the 2017 Dulux Smarter Spaces Competition was an old technology classroom but will be used to teach art and the increasingly popular photography course from September. The room is quite dark and dreary and the pupils want it to be brightened up. Photography is a popular course but students have never had a ‘photography’ classroom and often have to move from room to room each lesson. This current room does not promote the image that we want to portray with its drab walls and sad mismatched furniture. Photography and art are exciting and dynamic at Highdown and we want the room to reflect this. We would also like to have a gallery wall which showcases the fantastic work the students produce.

The classroom is currently used by the after school Photography Club and they are immensely excited about the prospect of the room being rejuvenated. They would like a room which reflects the innovative and unique art and photography work that they are producing. One student stated they’d like to ‘bring the room back to life’. They would like a modern contemporary studio that is respectful to the character of the school and its history. We’d like to bring in a contrast of old and new with bright walls and historical frames (actual frames or painted ones on the wall!). The students feel that an art room should inspire them as they enter. We encourage our learners to be creative, innovative and aim high; we feel this art room could support us in this goal.