Haydon School

Secondary School


The Sixth Form Common Room so dark and so dreary,
I walk in at half eight and get oh so teary,
The walls and the floor and the ceiling so grey,
It’s a wonder we come here day after day,
But as A level students it’s what we must do,
Day after day to get ourselves through.

But wait, what’s this, a lick of paint?
I’ve never seen this, I think I might faint!
From the ground to the sky the colours, they fly,
With chorus and rhyme we’ll get ‘As’ in no time!
And a dog, oh my lord, what a cute little face,
An English sheepdog, my favourite, no way!
And now we fly to higher heights,
We might even need weights to stop us mid-flight,
My gosh, what a difference that emulsion did make,
Just a splash of colour, just a lick of paint.

The above poem was written by one of our Sixth Form students. Her poem represents the excitement our students have at the thought of Dulux coming in to transform their Sixth Form learning space! At Haydon School we know that colour can affect our moods and how we approach learning. Our Sixth Form area is large-it accommodates 500 students, and it is currently a blank canvas which we would like to energise with creative colour. We want our Sixth Form Centre to be a place which attracts students and makes them want to arrive early and stay late to stretch their learning. We would be delighted to have a Grand Opening in the autumn before our Open Evening where we celebrate the fantastic contribution made by Dulux. We would celebrate Dulux at a Grand Opening, write about Dulux to our whole school of 2000 students and write about Dulux in our local newspaper. A recent survey of our Sixth Form students returned with the request for colour- we want our student’s voices to be heard, and what better way than through this amazing opportunity provided by Dulux! Thank you!