Greenhill Primary

Primary School


Greenhill Primary School in Sheffield is a large school in great need of bringing up to date in some parts of its building. We want to transform our dining room (which is so much more than a dining room). We would like a room of curiosities and inspiration!

All 520 of our children pass through it at some point every day. It’s used for so many things….eating food at lunchtime, breakfast club, after school club, holiday club, music lessons, Christmas Fair, discos and events involving families and parents.

We want it to be a space that engages the users to:

  • think (maybe puzzles on the wall)
  • appreciate (an art gallery of famous paintings!),
  • inspire (maybe poetry and quotes from children’s fiction),
  • innovate (maybe info about Science)
  • travel (around the world and into space!)
  • and to be a shared space that the various users can contribute to.

Our vision is to be the best you can be and currently our dining room is not a good example of this!! It does not encourage this aspiration or engage children to be curious.

The impact of this transformation would be an environment that would encourage the children to aim high in a really cross curricular way.

Our children think our dining room needs a makeover because:

“there are holes in the ceiling”
“the paint is all crusty”
“there’s not really much colour and life to the dining room it’s all grey and not very nice”
“when you’re eating your dinner you don’t really enjoy it”