Brine Leas School

Secondary School


Brine Leas is a happy, hard-working, and dynamic school that seeks to empower students to activate their creativity and enterprise - to become confident and caring global citizens. It is, above all, this desire to create outward looking global citizens for our modern world that motivates this application.

The space that we would like to see transformed through the Dulux Smarter Spaces Competition is the Modern Foreign Languages wall in the Foyer of the school. It is the main entry and exit point to the school for the students meaning that over 1,400 young people pour through it several times a day. Our vision is for this foyer to be transformed, through its design and decoration, into an inspirational space that celebrates Languages and encourages our students to take their places as citizens of the global community.

We envisage a space that celebrates the importance of taking languages, that celebrates the many exchanges our school offers, that celebrates the opportunities that taking a language provides.

The importance of education is its consequences: our environment impacts on our sense of self, which impacts on our culture. Thousands of students become part of that culture and then each one of those students goes out into the world. Who knows what impact they will have on the world? How they will change it for the better? Some may say it’s only a foyer; we say it’s the gateway to the world.